Microwave Mediated Synthesis And Evaluation Of Some Novel Pyrimidines For Antimicrobial Activity

 M. Srinivas and Pragya Thakur




Comparative Study Of Phytochemical Constituents And Total Phenolic Content In The Extracts Of Three Different Species Of Genus Hedychium

 Kh. Lemino Singh, L. Ranjit Singh, P. Grihanjali Devi, N. Romabati Devi, L. Somarjit Singh and G. C. Bag



Lipids - An Instrumental Excipient In Pharmaceutical Hot-Melt Coating

 S.G. Sudke, D.M. Sakarakar



The Efficiency Of Glyceryl Behenate As Sustained-Release Agent Compared With Hydroxypropylcellulose In Tablets

 D. O.Opota, J. Kaloustian, P. K. Senga, A. Tamba Vemba, R.K. Cimanga



Extractive Spectrophotometric Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Losartan Potassium And Atenolol In Bulk And In Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Nikita D. Patel, Anandkumari D.Captain



Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of The Various Solvent Extracts Of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms

 P.Jayanthi, P.Lalitha, R.Sujitha and A.Thamaraiselvi



Design And Characterization Of Diclofenac Potassium Tablet For Colon Targeting

 Anilkumar J. Shinde, Vinod S.Ingole, Gajanan  M. Misale, Harinath N. More



Swelling Studies Of pH And Salt Responsive Ethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate Crosslinked Gellan Gum And Sodium Alginate Gels

 Jagadish N. Hiremath and Vishalakshi B.



Formulation And Evaluation Of Transdermal Patches Of Ketoprofen Drug

 Santosh K, Jyoti M



Susceptibility Of Sesbania grandiflora Root Extract Against Problematic Groups Of Drug Resistant Microbes

 M.Manigandan, M.Syed Muzammil


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