Formulation And Evaluation Of Sustained Release Ciprofloxacin Hydrocloride Microspheres Using Synthetic Polymers

Kamlesh J. Wadher , Atul Nagarkar, Durgesh Sahare, Milind J Umekar



Formulation And Evaluation Of Calcium Pectinate Floating Beads Of Clarithromycin

Kiran Raj R, Krishna Pillai



UV Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Pentoxyphylline In Bulk Drug And Its Pharmaceutical Formulation

 Lakshmana Rao. Potti, Narasimharao.Doredla, Shaik.Subhani, Korrapati. Narsu Kumari



Atrazine effect on Photosynthesis of Pistria Stratiotes,L.

 G. Flora, M. Glory and S. Maria Victorial Rani



Prevalence Of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria And Analysis Of Microbial Quality Of Raw Milk Samples Collected From Different Regions Of Dehradun

 R. Pant, S. Nirwal and N. Rai


Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Some Chalcones and Flavanoids

 Yogesh Murti, Ashish Goswami,  and Pradeep Mishra



Evaluation Of New Pyrazole Derivatives For Their Biological Activity: Structure-Activity Relationship


P. Jayaroopa, G. Vasanth Kumar, N. Renuka, M.A. Harish Nayaka, K. Ajay Kumar



Extraction, Characterisation And Compatibility Study Of Polysaccharides From Dillenia indica And Abelmoschus esculentus With Metformin Hydrochloride For Development Of Drug Delivery System

H.K. Sharma, Sunita Lahkar and L.K. Nath



Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Various Fractions of Azadirachta indica Leaf in Experimental Animals

 A.Dinda, D.Das, G.Ghosh, S.Kumar



Anti-Diabetic Activity Of Leaves Of Zizyphus nummulariaBy Dexamethasone Induced Diabetic Rat Model

 Rajasekaran S, B Jaykar, R Anandan, Aboobacker sidheeq KP  and Vannamalar.S


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