ICEWEST-2015 [05th - 06th Feb 2015]SPECIAL ISSUE

International Conference on Energy, Water and  Environmental Science & Technology  [ICEWEST-2015]

PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Presidency College (Autonomous),Chennai-600 005, India

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Reduction of Chemical oxygen demand (COD) in Stabilization of Pond water by Various Activated carbons

S.Sasikala, G.Muthuraman 


Synthesis and characterisation of Solid Polymer Electrolyte(Supramolecular Polymer-LiClO4) System for Battery Characterisation Studies

Rajendran T V and Jaisankar V 

Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidative Decolourization of Food dyes Tartrazine and Ponceou4R by Trichloroisocyanuric acid in Aqueous Acetic acid Medium

S.Manivannan, R.Karthikeyan and M.Muthubharathi


Effect of nanofiller on ionic conductivity of polymer nanocomposite electrolyte for solar cell applications

Hari Hara Priya G, Suganya N And Jaisankar V 


Performance analysis of plain pan with pipeline arrangement solar evaporation system (PPPA) for treating textile dye effluent

P.Kamaraj, J. Jeyanthi 


Synthesis and Characterisation of Polyester Composite Nanofibers for Fungicidal Agents in Textile Industry

Mayavathi M, Chitra V, Sathish P, and  Roopsingh D


A Study on the Synthesis, Characterization and Generation of Composite Polyester Nanofibers Containing Arylidene Moiety

P Sathish, M Mayavathi, D Reuben Jonathan and D Roopsingh 


Aloefiber reinforced corn starch films: influence of alkali hydrolysis, bleaching and acid hydrolysis on microsrostructure, mechanical property of biocomposite

K.Anulakshmi, S.Periyar Selvam 


Recovery of nickel from aqueous solution using bulk liquid membrane

K. Mubeena, G. Muthuraman 


Corrosion Inhibition of Copper-Nickel Alloy by New Thiadiazole Derivatives in Natural Sea water – Electro-analytical and Surface Characterisation Study

N. Balamurugapandian, R.Ravichandran 

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