ICEWEST-2015 [05th - 06th Feb 2015]SPECIAL ISSUE

International Conference on Energy, Water and  Environmental Science & Technology  [ICEWEST-2015]

PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Presidency College (Autonomous),Chennai-600 005, India

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Green Technology – Emerging green technologies in energy sector

Prakhar Pouranick, ArijitDuttaGupta 

Plant Mediated Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles from the Plant Extract of Morinda Tinctoria and Its Application in Effluent Water Treatment


M.Vennila, N.Prabha 

Preparation and CharacterzationofNanosizedPrFe(1-X)Co(X)O3Perovskite

Gupta Virendra, Suvarna Singh, MeetaRakesh


Treatment of Organics Containing from Leather Processing Unit using Electro–Oxidation – A Noval  Approach

P. Vijayalakshmi and P. Sarvananan 


Removal of Acid Yellow 36 from aqueous solution by Solvent Extraction method using tri-octyl amine as a carrier

M. Sathya, S.Elumalai, G. Muthuraman 


Synthesis, growth and Characterization of Energy Material

S.Venda, R.Bomila, E.Priyadharshini and S.Srinivasan 


Enhanced Performance an Ethanol Membraneless Fuel Cell in Acidic Medium

M. Priya and B. Muthukumaran 


Performance of sodium borohydride in membraneless fuel cells


M. Elumalai and B. Muthukumaran 

Synthesis and characterization of maleimide functionalized polystyrene/ethylene-propylene-dieneterpolymernetwork material

P. Ramar, M. Chitraleka and M. Raja Chandrasekar 


Removal and Recovery of malachite green and methyl violet dyes from textile wastewater using 2-nitrobenzoic acid as an extractant

M.Soniya, G.Muthuraman 

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