Wiener Index Of A Graph And Chemical Applications

 A.Vijayabarathi, G.S.G.N.Anjaneyulu 



The Removal Of Copper From Aqueous Solution Using Senna uniflora (Mill.)

 T. Nalini, Prabavathi Nagarajan



Development And Validation Of Newer Analytical Methods For The Estimation Of Deferasirox In Bulk And In Tablet Dosage Form By Uv Spectroscopy And RP HPLC

Venkata S Rao Somisetty, D Dhachinamoorthi, S A Rahaman, CH M M Prasada Rao



Bioaccumulation And Translocation Potential Of Na+ And K+ In Native Weeds Grown On Industrially Contaminated Soil

 Surendra Vikram Ghavri, Kuldeep Bauddh, Sanjeev Kumar and Rana P. Singh



Simultaneous Determination And Validation Of Spironolactone And Furosemide By Second Order Derivative Method And Area Under Curve Method In Bulk Drug And Pharmaceutical Formulations

Annapureddy SSV Reddy, Manzoor Ahmed, A.Satish kumar shetty



Preparation of Maleinized Castor oil (MCO) By Conventional Method And Its Application in the Formulation of Liquid Detergent.

 Bhalchandra P. Vibhute, R.R.Khotpal, Vijay Y. Karadbhajane, A.S.Kulkarni



Corrosion Inhibition Of Mild Steel In Well Water: An Experimental And Theoretical Approach

 S.Karthikeyan, P.A.Jeeva, S.Narayanan



An Improved Profess For Synthesis Of Dibenzo-[B,F][1,4]-Thiazepine-11-(10H)-One

AVGS Prasad, D. Karunakar, B.Srinivas and B. Prasanna



Supersaturation and Crystal Behavior during Crystallization of Difructose Anhydride III (DFA III) in Batch Cooling Crystallization System

 Umi Laila, Sri Pudjiraharti



Evaluation Of Phytochemical Composition Of Opsicarpium insignis Mozaff. From Iran By Nano Scale Injection Techniques

Hossein Hadavand Mirzaei, Rezgar Faraji, Farahnaz Hooshidari, Mahdi Bigdelo, Karamatollah Rezaei


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