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Determination of the Genetic similarity among some Genotypes of Durum Wheat (Triticum sp) and Wild species using (ISSR).

Fatema AL-Ganeer, Mahmoud Sabboh, Salam Lawand


A Study of Electrical and Optical Properties of Mercury Doped Cadmium Oxide Thin Films by Spray Pyrolisis Method

S. Syed Zahirullah, J. Joseph Prince, M. Shahul hameed and  V.Rethinagiri


Effect of AsamKandis (Garcinia xanthochymus) Pulp in Decreasing Level of Mercury (Hg) and Plumbum (Pb) Content in Water Spinach (Ipomea aquatica Forssk)

Yusnidar Yusuf,  Antonius Herry Cahyana, Gerry Ahmadi Hantoro


Anti-Obesity Compounds from the Leaves of Plants Morus Alba (MORACEAE)

Rosnani Nasution, Marianne, Mustanir, Merry Roswita


The Characteristics of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Concentrated Microcapsules from Wastewater Byproduct of Tuna Canning (Thunnus sp.)

Ni Wayan Suriani, Marthy Lingkan Stella Taulu


Effect of DC-bias on electrical properties of polymer/Nafion composites

Mayank Pandey, Girish M. Joshi


Phylogenetic Identification of Cellulolitic and Butanol production bacteria based on 16S rDNA from Ranu Pani Lake, East Java, Indonesia

Ekwan Nofa Wiratno, Suharjono, Agustin Krisna Wardani


Thickness dependent structural, optical and electrical properties of chemical bath deposited Cu2SnS3 thin films

 T. E. Manjulavalli, A. G. Kannan


Role of Surfactants in Oxidation of Pentaamminecobalt(III) Complexes of  α-Amino Acids  by Perdisulphuric Acid: A Kinetic Study



An overview of novel NLO Succinate crystals

A. Vijayalakshmi, Vidyavathy Balraj and B.Chithra


Quantum Mechanical Study of the Structure and Spectroscopic (FT-IRand FT-Raman), Fukui Function Analysis and First-Order Hyperpolarizability of 2-Amino-1H-Purine-6(7H)-Thione by Density Functional method

S.Sakthivel, T.Alagesan, S. Muthu, T.Swaminathan, T.S.SaaiAnugraha


Computational Analysis of tuberization protein linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase 3 from Solanum tuberosum


Rashmi Rameshwari, Swati Madhu, Venkateshwara Prasad, Shilpa Chapadgaonkar


Investigation of Corrosion Behavior of Light Weight NanoHybrid Al 6061-ZrO2 –SiC- Gr Composites


P.R.Thyla, N. Tiruvenkadam, M. Senthil Kumar


A novel validated RP-HPLC-DAD method for the simultaneous estimation of Netupitant and Palonosetron in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form with forced degradation studies

Uttam Prasad Panigrahy, A. Sunil Kumar Reddy


(11 S*) 6a, 1b, 7b, 11 tetramethoxy, 8b-ethoxy, 13- neoclerodan-15, 16- olide from Scutellaria scandens.

Dwarika Prasad


Identifying new regions infected by mycobacterium tuberculosis(TB) :Case Study  in Kumbakonam Region,Thanjavur District

Durga Karthik, K. Vijayarekha and V. Dhivya


Equilibrium and Thermodynamics Studies on the Removal of Iron (III) onto Activated Hibiscus Sabdariffa Stem Nano Carbon

P.Manivannan, S.Arivoli, Raja Mohammed


Maturitytime for some local and introduced pear cultivars in Sweida governorate depending on some environmental, physical and chemical characters

Rama Radwan, Faisal Hamed, Bayan Muzher


Use a Quantum Chemical to Study the Correlation between Intrinsic Viscosity of Polypropylene in three solvents and structure properties

Wisam A. Radhi, Sadiq M-H. Ismael, Kawkab A. Hussain


Lower leakage current through nano particles 304-L stainless steel coated with thin film


 A. Ebrahimikia


Ultrasonic Interferometric Investigations of 3-(Chloroaryl)-5-aryl-1-substituted Pyrazolines in Dioxane Medium


A.O. Deshmukh, P.B. Raghuwanshi


Synthesis Characteraisation and Antimicrobial Activity of Substituted Benzilic Acids

R. Sudha, Charles C.Kanakam, Nithya.G


Effect of consumption of Milk and Yoghurt on Lipid metabolism and Atherosclerosis in adult male rats

Mona S. Halaby, Ibrahim H. Badawy; Mohammed H. Farag, Maha H. Mahmoud, Nabil S. Abd Rabou, FatmaEl-zahraa S. Mohammed


A dietary supplement to Ameliorate Hyperglycemia and associated complications in Streptozotocin injected rats.

El-Shobaki, F. A; Maha, H. Mahmoud; Badawy I. H and Marwa, H. Mahmoud

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